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HVT (High Vibrational Thinking)

Inner Resistance

How to release your inner resistance and improve your mental health


How it works



My intention in writing this book was to keep it as short and simple as possible without diluting the essence of the work. I felt it was important to make it easy to understand but also not detract from the essential and vital information. This would mean a bigger cross section of people would hopefully understand and benefit from it. I wanted to give people that have to deal with mental health problems an easier way to understand what’s really going on. I hope I have achieved this and after reading this book I believe you will have enough knowledge, understanding and tools to be able to alleviate the majority of mental health issues more effectively. The key is having a simple understanding of how your mind works and having an equally simple technique that you can use to change the way that you automatically and habitually think. The technique must also, not be difficult and time consuming to follow but in the same breath give you a constant and ever present awareness of what is happening in your mind. To achieve this first we must look at ‘High Vibrational Thinking’; this concept makes it easier for you to understand exactly what you need to do. Absorption of the principles of HVT will automatically create a shift in your perspective shining a powerful new light on mental health issues and this is the first step in empowering you to be able to gain control. Then we will look at your ‘Inner Resistance’ and how this is the major factor and the root cause of most mental health issues that many of us experience. Your inner resistance is the negative force within you that holds you down in vibration and generates many of your negative thoughts and subsequently feelings when you encounter the up’s and downs of everyday life. It is also the major reason why most of us are kept in a continuous and repetitive cycle of negative events and dramas, which only serves to compound any mental health issues in the process. This new perspective enables you to see the basic building blocks that make up your mind, how it all works and how they are created in the first place. And you will be able to see clearly why, when they are negative in nature they can lead to mental health problems. Finally this is followed by ‘The Notebook Method’, which is a simple technique that enables you to begin altering your habitual thought patterns and start releasing your ‘Inner Resistance’ and this is the catalyst to beginning the process of overcoming the majority of mental health problems that you may be suffering from. Some mental health problems may be due to being born with a condition, chemical imbalances of some sort, other illnesses such as epilepsy, alzheimer’s, head injuries or even passed down in your genes but in general I believe it’s your inner resistance that is causing the problems in most cases and this is where I believe this book can help. And inner resistance is something we all have to varying degrees. This is often referred to by many teachings and authors as your inner demons, pain body or trapped emotional energy. And even if it is inner resistance that is causing your mental health problems this does not absolve you from responsibility for your actions. You are still in charge even though you are operating from a more difficult lower vibration due to its influence and it’s you that will pay the price for any negativity that you engage in, even though without its presence you would probably never act in this way. Once you have read this book and started following ‘The Notebook Method’ you will immediately start to see results. Every aspect of your life will begin to improve, finances, relationships, physical health and of course your mental health.

‘90% of all the pain we experience is due to emotional baggage, trapped emotions and those energies stay with us and cause much of our diseases and self-sabotage’. -Dr Bradley Nelson-(The Emotion Code)

HVT (High Vibrational Thinking) ‘If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in termsof energy, frequency and vibration’.-Dr Nicola Tesla- HVT (High Vibrational Thinking) is a new and simple way to look at our world, first you need to understand that we live in a world of energy. Everything that you can see is not really solid at all, it is made up from atoms, which are tiny particles that consist of a nucleus in the centre with electrons and protons whizzing around the nucleus. These atoms are buzzing and vibrating. Everything is made from atoms including us, concrete walls, houses, animals, cars, trees, plants, food, clothes you name it and if you looked at it closely enough (under a powerful microscope) you will find it is made from atoms. So we are not as solid as we think and neither is everything else that we observe in our world. It is actually made from energy and like all forms of energy everything is constantly vibrating. Science tells us that in our world the fastest vibrating energy that we know is LOVE and the slowest vibrating energy that we know is FEAR. When we feel good our energy field vibrates at a fast rate, when we feel bad our energy field vibrates at a slow rate. So the closer that our energy field vibrates to the vibration of LOVE the happier we feel and the faster we are vibrating. The closer our energy field vibrates to the energy of FEAR the unhappier we feel and the slower we are vibrating. This is why we say we are ‘buzzing’ or ‘high’ when we feel good and also why we say we are ‘down in the dumps’ or ‘flat as a pancake’ when we feel bad, we are inadvertently referring to our energy vibration. Thoughts, feelings and emotions that make us feel good like laughing, honesty, joy, peace, and success are high-vibrational, they lift up our vibration, so that’s why we feel happy when our mind is filled with these things. Thoughts, feelings and emotions that make us feel unhappy like anger, jealousy, hate, fear and greed are low vibrational, they drag down our vibration, so that’s why we feel unhappy when our mind is filled with these things. So that’s easy enough to understand the higher our energy field is vibrating the better we feel and the easier our life will be because all the low vibrational negative stuff exists in the lower vibrations. Of course everyday is a roller coaster ride up and down the energy spectrum, as we go about our daily life experiencing many positive and negative events and situations. The trick is to be less emotionally entangled in the low vibrational stuff and it will drag you down less, it will have a less damaging affect if you don’t buy into it.

‘We are beings of pure energy’ -Dr Bradley Nelson-The Emotion Code

Fear Love - Fear Pyramid(Vibrations per millisecond for illustration purposes only)

Inner Resistance ‘Let’s raise children who won’t have to recover from their childhoods’ -Pam Leo-An independent scholar in human development, a parent educator, a certified childbirth educator, a doula, a parent, and a grandparent Your inner resistance is the negative energy that you carry within. Everybody has this and it is mainly created in the first five or six years of our lives. During this very sensitive and formative time period we are operating similar to a computer when it is downloading data. Everything that we experience and are taught we readily absorb and download and this information is not always of a positive nature. The main source of our early years information downloading is our parents, close family and immediate environment. Our early experiences are accepted without question, as we soak up whatever is going on around us and accept that this is how the world works. We believe what we see and hear and from this exposure to data we begin forming our opinions and beliefs, opinions and beliefs that will affect the rest of our lives. The down side is that we are often exposed to negative energy, which plays out in the dramas that we witness taking place. Anger, hate, fear, frustration, worry, stress, violence, greed, anxiety, selfishness, envy, suffering and pain of all kinds are the energies that we see and can pick up through the everyday experiences that we are exposed to. As well as experiencing this type of energy in our everyday environment we are also subject to TV programmes, computer games, the media and DVD’s churning out negative energy by the boatload in the name of entertainment. All of the negative energies that we experience contribute to forming what I call our inner resistance, an accumulation of negative energy that becomes lodged within our energy field. You could describe it as trapped emotional energy. This trapped emotional energy becomes part of us and defines our character as we become the person that it influences us to be. It exists within us so we become tainted by its presence; it then lives through us infecting our personality negatively in every conceivable way.

‘Every emotion has its own special vibrational frequency, anger is different to frustration and when you feel an intense emotion you take on its vibration and sometimes it gets stuck and it’s like a ball of energy’ -Dr Bradley Nelson-The Emotion Code 

 At the age of around six-years old we more or less stop the intense downloading and whatever we have downloaded up until that point, we generally carry for the rest of our lives. At this point it has become well and truly entrenched within our mind and body. This inner resistance is like a ball or a collection of balls of slow vibrating negative energy that infects and drags down our general vibration, pulling us down to a more negative frequency range, than we would naturally exist at, a frequency range that ultimately we become used to and accept as where we belong. Then we become the version of us that lives in that particular vibrational range, a version of us that is constantly affected by the negative energy that we carry and that surrounds us. This then becomes our default vibration which we are estimated to exist at around 80% of the time. This is the vibration that we keep returning to as we ride the roller coaster of energies everyday of our lives. If we moved up in vibration we would be come a more positive version of us if we moved down a more negative version. A person that has experienced a very positive energy upbringing, which would be loving caring parents, few family arguments, very little exposure to negative energy from the TV, DVD’s, the media and computer games etc would only have a moderate amount of inner resistance or negative energy lodged within their energy field. A person growing up subject to lots of negative energy such as heated family arguments, money problems, maybe a messy parents divorce, family feelings of frustration, bullying, stress, worry, greed, hatred, negative gossiping and fear etc could end up with a lot of negative energy lodged within their energy field creating a powerful force of inner resistance. This is why it is vitally important to try to keep negativity out of the family home especially during the first six years when a child is at their most sensitive and absorbent. Inner resistance exerts a massive influence over us and in extreme cases (when we have lots of it) it can cause us to get dragged so far down in vibration that we may start manifesting dysfunctional behaviour traits such as bullying, self-harming, eating disorders, anger issues, alcohol abuse, violence, drug abuse, depression, anxiety, lack of self-worth, overwhelming feelings of loneliness, etc and even physical illness. When we have a very strong dose of inner resistance most of our days can be spent under its influence feeling down, worried about whatever and in general not so good about life. It can dominate our mind flooding us with a constant barrage of negative thoughts and feelings chaining us permanently into the lower vibrational zones. It is also important to realise that we all have inner resistance maybe to varying degrees but we all have it. And we all have our moments where we behave in dysfunctional ways or feel down and depressed etc, we may think this is just how life is but if we had no inner resistance we would not experience these things. So we all have and experience various levels of mental health issues at times due to the inner resistance we carry, unfortunately in the world as it is today this is regarded as perfectly normal. In fact you would have to be enlightened not to occasionally have mental health issues and apparently there are only two or three truly enlightened people alive on the planet today. Enlightened meaning they carry no inner resistance so they exist at a very high vibration virtually negative energy free. So for the rest of us who are not enlightened mental health issues are just part of the experience of life for the moment. This viewpoint eliminates stigma because we are all in the same boat and looking at mental health from that perspective means we should always try to help, offer support and understand others that are suffering because tomorrow that may be us, even if at the moment we are affected to a lesser degree. So if you feel you have got problems but don’t want to admit to them don’t worry everybody is the same almost without exception. There is absolutely no shame or stigma attached to being the same as everybody else. In fact teaching something along the lines of this to children in school would go a long way to alleviating the problem of stigma and this is something maybe we should be striving for. If you have been told you have mental health problems remember it is more than likely because of the inner resistance you have become stuck with, although as I previously mentioned unless it is a chemical imbalance, head injury or some other illness that may have triggered off your mental health problems. However whatever it is I believe the effect is the same, your energy vibration is dragged down into the more negative zones and this then results in the manifestation of one or more of the many different types of problems due to the intense negative vibrations. So this is how it works, something drags down your energy vibration (generally your inner resistance) and you become stuck in a more negative zone, which makes it difficult for you to function ‘normally’. The further down you are the more difficult it is to be ‘normal’ and when you are a long way down and really dysfunctional this is when we say somebody has mental health problems; this is when we label it, although everybody is dragged down to some degree and because of this experiences some form of mental health problems occasionally. Talking openly about mental health is a great way to lift the stigma and begin helping others and yourself. The more open we are with other people the more it will be accepted and the more we will all learn. Talk about it, share your experiences and rest in the knowledge that everybody is suffering from it in some way. Displaying anger, greed, jealousy, selfishness, low mood swings, stress, panic, worry etc are all manifestations at some level of mental health problems and we are all doing it. You just have to look around at people’s faces to see the inner turmoil many are lost in. Mental health is really no different to physical health if we don’t exercise our body it becomes unfit; if we don’t exercise our mind by engaging in positive actions such as affirmations, meditation, mindfulness, the notebook method (next chapter) etc we become mentally unfit. If we don’t make the effort it gets clogged down with negativity. Fortunately most people don’t have such a strong a presence of inner resistance that it completely takes over their life and renders them totally dysfunctional but they will have enough of it to ensure that they will be under its influence at sometime everyday of their lives. It won’t normally completely take over your thoughts and feelings but it will frequently show its presence. Even when you are not aware of it you may be feeling slightly tense just under the surface, this is your inner resistance that you are sensing. Its brooding presence is never far away from your conscious awareness. It also springs to life many times during your day when you react to whatever is happening in a negative way. Maybe you lose your keys and suddenly feel frustrated and exasperated because you can’t find them. Or somebody makes a negative remark and you snap back angrily at them. Your instinctive negative reactive response is your inner resistance sparking into life through you. If you didn’t have inner resistance you would not have a negative reaction, you would simply and calmly think about and respond to the situation. When you have reacted negatively you will feel the negative feelings flooding through your mind and body and this gives your inner resistance what it is after, a nice little top up, a recharge at your expense. This is how it stays strong within you, by topping up its battery everyday through the negative thoughts, feelings and emotions that it ignites within you. You get angry you recharge its battery, you worry, feel stressed, feel jealous, feel upset, feel depressed, feel irritated, feel envious, feel guilty, feel frustrated, feel annoyed or feel disillusioned etc, you are topping up its battery. You are allowing it to live through you and recharge itself; it is a parasite feeding off you. This goes on every day without you realising it and what you are doing is keeping your inner resistance strong and powerful within you. Picture it as a ball of negative energy that lives within you that needs charging up every day, just like your mobile phone. The trick is stop reacting and you stop recharging it, then it will slowly disappear. And because it is heavy slow vibrating energy it is holding your vibration down making your life more difficult in the process. It acts like a heavy weight and pulls down your overall energy vibration holding you in a more negative vibration. So the more powerful your inner resistance is, the heavier it is and the more it will drag you down. The further down you are the more problems you will have in your life because as we learned through high vibrational thinking the further down in vibration that you are, the more negative energy you will be subject to and of course this means the more likely you will experience mental health problems. Developing inner resistance is nobody’s fault and it’s something that we all do. Everybody experiences many different levels of negative energy as we grow up. And because we are all different we all respond to it in different ways. One person may develop a powerful and strong form of inner resistance and another person may hardly be bothered by the same amount of early year’s exposure to negative energy. It depends on many things personality, temperament, sensitivity, genes, character etc. In the world as it is today the experience of negative energy is very much a part of life and impossible to avoid. This makes inner resistance part of everybody’s life and an influential factor in everything that we do. It has an affect on our relationships, health, financial position, work, the level of success we can achieve and even the level of happiness that we can attain. It reaches into every area of our lives and has a damaging affect; to change things for the better you must weaken and release the inner resistance you hold within. This will allow your vibration to rise into the higher vibrations where less negative energy exists, which will ensure you will have an easier, more positive and happy life, a life with less mental health issues. Getting your vibration up by working on releasing your inner resistance is how you can cure or at least alleviate many mental health problems.

‘Many of the things that are pushed upon the masses creates negative emotional molecules, once they are formed they are real and you can’t get them out of your body unless you know how’. -Don Tolman-Whole Foods Nutritionist and Author

How to release your inner resistance and improve your mental health 

‘The core of every symptom of stress and disease are emotions and memories’. -Dr Darren Weissman-The Lifeline Technique 

 Training yourself to consistently think in a more high vibrational way about yourself, other people and the world around you is how you weaken and release your inner resistance. You must become non-reactive to what is going on around you. Allow the daily events and niggles to unfold while holding your inner peace. Then you will not be recharging your inner resistance and it will in time fizzle away, this will allow you to rise in vibration and everything in your life will improve. I will show you one simple method to achieve this; it’s called the notebook method. This gives you one technique to master, one discipline to think about. ‘The Notebook Method’ Get yourself a small notebook and write down every time that you notice yourself feeling negative (angry, frustrated, worried, tense, sad, scared, depressed, anxious, jealous, envious, hateful, hurt, upset, irritated, annoyed, depressed, exasperated, unhappy etc). Keep your notebook on you at all times this will provide you with a physical reminder and keep an eye on how you feel, so that you can jot it down when you feel negative. It maybe a nasty comment from somebody, stressed out from losing your car keys, a tinge of jealousy over a friends good fortune, an argument, feeling down because of money problems, listening to somebody’s problems, or even just your own thoughts of doom and gloom ticking over making you feel not so good. Whatever it is write it down. Entries may look something like this: So and so said something nasty about me, I feel down. Had a fight with my friend, I am upset. I have no money, I feel stressed. Somebody stole something from me, I am angry. Lost my keys, I am frustrated. So and so has been moaning on about their problems, I feel depressed. I could go on all day as you can see there are endless little niggles that pop up all of the time and most of the time we allow ourselves to feel some form of negativity, we just do it automatically, we react rather than calmly respond. This is what you must stop. It’s this daily engaging in negative energy that is keeping the negative energy within you strong. You are topping up its battery all of the time, you are constantly recharging your inner resistance. Stop reacting and your inner resistance will start losing its power and eventually fizzle away. It’s the strong emotional reactions like ‘outbursts of anger’ and ‘long periods of intense worrying or stress’ that give it a powerful super charge. And your endless repetitive negative thoughts and feelings about whatever that give it mini boosts up. If you didn’t allow yourself to automatically react and feel bad when the daily niggles are happening your inner resistance would weaken and your energy vibration would rise. By noticing your thoughts, feelings and emotions you are detaching from that energy and stopping the charge in its tracks and this will begin to weaken the negative energy within you. Even negative gossiping is giving your inner resistance a nice little boost up as you allow negative energy to flow through you, it’s bad for you. It’s like every time you notice your mobile phone is plugged in and getting charged up, you pull out the plug. This would mean your mobile phone battery is not getting a full charge and would soon run down. By writing when you feel negative in your notebook you are in effect pulling out the plug and stopping your inner resistance getting a charge. As opposed to reacting and fully engaging the negativity, which can then linger on and fester all day in your mind. The act of noticing and then writing it down breaks the momentum of the energy allowing you to step aside from it with your attention, therefore allowing it to disperse without harming you. Essentially you are not buying into it. Keep doing this and over time you will start feeling better and better as you slowly rise in vibration. You are releasing your inner resistance and cleansing your energy field and all you have to do is teach yourself to monitor your thinking. This is the art of being non-reactive to whatever unfolds in your life. This is a difficult skill to master because up until now you have reacted automatically and instinctively to whatever is unfolding and these negative reactions have become ingrained into your natural behaviour patterns. Training yourself to be in a state of non-reaction at all times is the key to breaking those instinctive patterns and the notebook method will help you do that. Just focus on holding your inner peace and serenity and let things happen and if you feel a twinge of negative energy grasping you write it down and this will break its momentum and stop your inner resistance getting a full charge. Keep this practice up and you will soon be rising in vibration. And when you start rising in vibration everything in your life will improve because as you now know the higher your vibration the better everything is. You will in general be vibrating at the vibrational levels where the better more positive energy is. Happiness, fun, joy, laughter, kindness, success and love don’t exist at the lower-vibrational levels, you can only feel or experience them when your vibration rises. So you will be happier more of the time, you will exist where good thoughts and feelings flow naturally and easily. You will find that when you get your vibration up everything works better and your problems seem a lot smaller. You get on better with everybody, have more friends, feel much better and are a lot more successful in whatever you are doing. More money will somehow come into your life, your health will improve and everything will be on the up and this is all positive for your mental health. It is possible when you employ ‘The Notebook Method’ you may find you have the occasional bad dream. Where you wake up feeling frightened, stressed, and angry or whatever, this is your inner resistance trying to get its charge during your sleep. It happens because you have slowed down its charge during the day by following the method and it is losing the inner battle. This should be regarded as a good sign that you are on the right track. Treat the bad feelings in your dream exactly the same as during your day and write them down. Following this discipline earnestly will soon pay dividends as you gain control of your mind from your inner resistance.

Conclusion ‘Our thoughts can make us sick’ -Joe Dispenza-Neuroscientist, Lecturer and Author 

 Mental Health problems are thought to have a wide range of causes although nobody is sure exactly what causes the majority of them. Generally they are attributed to a combination of factors including genetic, psychological, biological and environmental. There have been lots of ideas put forward as to specific causes of ill health ie: poverty, neglect, childhood abuse, stress, homelessness, isolation, social disadvantage, poor health, bullying, discrimination, abandonment, etc. I agree these type of negative experiences can lead to mental health issues but I believe how it works is, they open the flood gates for the individuals inner resistance to swarm all over them flooding them with negative thoughts and feelings, which in turn feeds it even more than usual allowing it to grow stronger and heavier. This can then trigger off a spiral down the vibrations as the now more powerful and heavier inner resistance drags them further and further down. Then the individual can get stuck in the lower vibrations as they become overpowered by their slow vibrating and relentless inner resistance. This is when we see the severe dysfunctions manifesting as they struggle to cope with the heavy slower and more negative vibrations. And this is what I believe is the cause of the majority of mental health problems, inner resistance that holds you or occasionally drags you too far down in vibration. Then when you are stuck down in the lower vibrations we see many different types of mental health problems occurring, depression, anxiety, anorexia, self-harming etc, although in truth these are the symptoms not the cause. A good analogy would be imagine the higher vibrations are light and easy to manoeuvre around in like fresh air, whereas the very low vibrations are like treacle and it’s difficult to move and function normally. Sudden severe negative experiences such as bereavement, job loss, divorce; relationship break-up, experiencing something traumatic like a serious accident or an act of War etc can act like a turbo boost of negative energy which suddenly and rapidly increases the power of the individual’s inner resistance. This then facilitates a quick drop in frequency plunging them quickly down in vibration. The next thing you know they are stuck in a dark place, in other words they are down in the lower vibrations. Then all sorts can go wrong as they find it difficult to function. This is when they can fall into displaying mental health problems such as depression etc. I believe it is possible that this is type of sudden plunge in vibration when experiencing a particularly severe negative event is what may well be the cause of PTSD. The drop in vibration has been so unprecedented and sudden that it is a shock to the system and difficult to recover from. It is a deep psychological wound as opposed to the usual less severe negative cuts and scraps that we experience in day to day life. When we get stuck down the vibrations more things can start going wrong, this is when we might search desperately for any relief from this awful sickening condition. And this is when we can reach for the bottle or drugs etc to ease the relentless and wretched suffering. Or maybe fall into self-harming, develop an eating disorder or start showing other negative behaviour traits as we struggle with the negative energies that are swarming all over us. It’s all about us desperately trying to ease our suffering as we try just about anything to make ourselves feel better. And this is how the majority of us would instinctively behave if we found ourselves in this position; you can’t help it you just slip into it without realising. The lower vibrations are indeed a desolate, hopeless, unhappy place to inhabit and if you find yourself down there you will try anything to claw your way back up. This is when many commit suicide because they literally cannot bear how it feels to be down there. I also think lots of people today may find themselves here after taking recreational drugs, it is the exceptional low after the exceptional high and when in this very vulnerable state they could do things that seem totally out of character and even harm themselves just to get some relief. Always remember if you use chemicals to feel good you will also later experience the lows as they wear off and you come back to normal, just like the hangover after alcohol but often much worse. This is why we cannot allow ourselves to judge people who are at the moment stuck in the lower vibrations. Circumstances have unfortunately brought them there and they are engulfed by a powerful form of inner resistance, which is holding them down in vibration. They are truly the victims of their own inner resistance, the self sabotage is coming from within but without understanding how it works and knowing what to do they are at its mercy. Judgement from us is simply playing into the hands of our inner resistance, as we feed it with the negative energies that accompany any form of judgement. Feelings of superiority, annoyance, irritation, exasperation, anger etc are not the energies that we want to allow free reign in our mind. Compassion is the answer and empathy for their suffering. Helping people back up the vibrations is the key and the best way to do that is help them to gain a basic understanding of what has happened to them and then show them how to use proven methods to release their inner resistance. Other than the method that I propose there are many good ways to do this such as mindfulness (similar to the notebook), cognitive behaviour therapy (similar again), physical exercise, controlled breathing exercises, good diet, talking about it, etc. It’s all about releasing the inner resistance that is pulling you down. In my opinion suffering from mental health problems affects 99.9% of the population; virtually all of us are experiencing it to some degree. You can see the effects everywhere you look, the NHS is reaching breaking point due to the massive strain it is putting on doctors and nurses and the world is in the grip of negativity as our individual inner battles spill out and infect all around us. Let’s help each other, talk to each other and pass around ideas and then we can begin collectively overcoming the inner resistance in each of us that is creating the majority of the problems. Inner resistance that is dragging us down, which holds us in a more negative zone resulting in us then manifesting dysfunctional behaviour patterns that we categorise and label as ‘mental health problems’. Many people are in prison, in poverty facing financial hardship, in mental health hospitals, suffering from anxiety and depression etc and have even committed suicide because they have been driven to it by their inner resistance. This demon is in us all so let’s look at ways to solve this problem which will benefit us all. This will not only help us personally but it will help the world as a whole to become a better less negative place. Let’s get the vibration up.

‘I am absolutely convinced it is our trapped emotions and traumas and anxieties and unprocessed life experiences that we hold in our nervous system that is the source of everything that ails us’. -Sonia Choquette-(Founder of 6 Sensory Living and Author)

How it works Let’s take a look at how different a person’s life could be depending on how much inner resistance they pick up. This is of course largely dependant on their early childhood when they are at their most vulnerable and absorbent. Bear in mind that everybody is different, in terms of personality, genes, temperament etc so even if we all experienced exactly the same upbringing we would still come out of it affected differently. One person may pick up lots of inner resistance whereas another may naturally handle it much better therefore hardly pick any up, even though they had the same negative experiences. This simple short example although quite extreme will give you a good idea of how it all works.

Scenario 1. Peter was born into his family in the early 1960’s when not many were too well off but everybody managed to get by. They lived on a small council estate and you could say it was a typical upbringing at that time. It wasn’t a particularly positive childhood, there were plenty of arguments, struggles for money and the usual up’s and downs in the family home. Both of his parents had to work full time so he was sent of to a relative most days who really didn’t have time for Peter. His parents often argued about everything, with lack of money being the most common problem. After eleven years his parents divorced and went through a messy break-up. Peter was often on the receiving end of their fights and this left him feeling dejected and unloved. It seemed his parents were too busy fighting to bother with him and he grew up with lots of negative thoughts and feelings about everything especially himself. He ended up living with his mother but vowed to get his own place as soon as that was possible. Peter didn’t do very well at school even though he was quite bright he just couldn’t find the motivation. Eventually he reached 16 years old and decided to join the army. Away from home at last and independent. During his time in the army he experienced some horrific incidents and this lead to him being diagnosed with PTSD and suffering from depression. The terrible experiences just wouldn’t leave him and he woke up most nights in a cold sweat. At the age of 22 he left the army and went back into civvy life looking for a job. The stress of it all resulted in him falling out with his mother and moving out into his own bed-sit. This didn’t last long as he soon fell into drugs and lost the flat putting him on the street. Peter felt that begging was his only option for survival so he joined the many other ex service men living rough and struggling to feed themselves. This made his depression worse compounding his mental health problems. You can see how he spiralled down the vibrations as he struggled to cope with a now more powerful form of inner resistance due to his negative army experiences. This had dragged him even further down in vibration than he was used to, where he was finding it very difficult to function normally.

Scenario 2. Peter was born into his family in the early 1960’s when not many were too well off but everybody managed to get by. They lived on a small council estate and you could say it was a typical upbringing at that time. It was a very positive childhood and there were plenty of happy memories to look back on. Both of his parents had to work full time but this didn’t bother Peter because his grandmother often looked after him and she was very loving and caring. They had a lovely family home and enjoyed caravanning holidays every year. He especially loved playing board games with his parents and they all enjoyed plenty of creative family social time. In this positive family environment Peter thrived and grew up feeling loved and valued. He did really well at school passing all of his exams and you would say he was a confident, pleasant boy. At 16 years old he thought about joining the army but decided to stay on at school and take his A levels. This meant he was able to more or less choose his career and he decided to go into accounting and secured a good job with a local accounting firm. At 21 years old he put a deposit down on a little street house and stepped onto the property ladder. Now this wasn’t to say Peter didn’t have the normal ups and down of life to go through, of course he did. At one time he even felt depressed for a while when he was worried about getting laid off but in general he was happy and content and life worked out quite well for him. This was because he was living his life at quite a high vibration due to his loving childhood; which meant he did not have too much inner resistance. Therefore in general he was existing in a vibrational place where negative energies were not too prevalent and damaging. Analysis This simple example shows how in scenario 1 Peter picked up a lot of inner resistance that he would have to contend with for the rest of his days. The more negative life that he experienced caused him all sorts of problems resulting in him eventually being diagnosed with mental health problems. What he really had was lots of inner resistance which dragged him down in vibration resulting in him living in a more negative place, which then resulted in depression, drug taking etc. It was an inner resistance issue that was causing his mental health problems. Depression and taking drugs in order to feel better were really symptoms of existing at a very low vibration. In scenario 2 Peter had a much better childhood and experienced a lot less negativity in the family home. This meant he picked up a lot less inner resistance resulting in him living at a higher vibration where life was a lot better. And also he did not eventually get diagnosed with mental health issues. This applies to every one of us; we are different people depending on the vibration that we are living at. I am sure you have witnessed this many times when someone behaves totally out of character and it is because they were under stress or feeling down for some reason. If you have mental health issues it may be worth considering that they may be occurring because your inner resistance is dragging you down into a negative place and the negative energies that you are now experiencing are more severe and acute.


  1. Everything is energy including us and all energy vibrates.
  2. The faster our energy vibrates the better we feel and the better our life is.
  3. Our inner resistance is the negative energy that we carry within and it is slow vibrating energy.
  4. Our early year’s experiences are the major factor in determining the amount of inner resistance that we carry.
  5. To raise our vibration and dramatically change our life for the better we have to release our inner resistance, to do this we must train ourselves to embody a state of non-reaction when everyday negative events unfold.
  6. The notebook method will help to train you to hold a state of non-reaction and stop you recharging your inner resistance.
  7. Raising your vibration will help alleviate any mental health problems you may be experiencing. 

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