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FREE to schools, youth organisations, charities and individuals.

Our easy to understand and hand out e-book A6 card. The card contains enough information itself to help anyone dealing with bullying.

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What is a bully?

Bullies are weak people who have problems. They usually don’t like themselves very much and this makes them unhappy, so they try to make other people feel unhappy. They may pretend they are big and strong but they are not and they probably can’t help behaving as they do. Bullies need help. Remember there is nothing wrong with you if you get bullied, it’s the bully that there is something wrong with.

How to STOP bullies

A bullies words and actions can only hurt you if you ‘feel’ hurt. This is what they are trying to do, make you ‘feel’ hurt. If you think to yourself ‘I know the bully is really a weak unhappy person with problems and I will not let them make me ‘feel’ hurt’, then they can’t hurt you. If you refuse to ‘feel’ hurt they get nothing from you and they will soon leave you alone. You must train yourself not to ‘feel’ hurt.

Magic Mirror’

A good way to teach yourself not to ‘feel’ hurt is the ‘Magic Mirror’ exercise and it’s very easy to do. Just imagine a big mirror between you and the bully and when the bully says nasty things to you, texts you or says horrible things on facebook about you or even hits you see their nasty words and actions bouncing off the mirror and shooting back at them. Really picture this and feel safe behind the mirror and you will see the bully’s face horrified when their negative energy comes back at them.

The mirror can protect you from them no matter how they are trying to attack you whether you know them or not and remember the more you stay calm and don’t react the worse it is for them. If you do get attacked take deep breaths and allow this to calm you down then use the magic mirror to reflect their negative energy back to them. Don’t argue with them because this just means you have engaged the negative energy. Just hold your calm feeling, smile and let the mirror bounce the negative energy back to them. It’s all about energy, they want yours, don’t give them it and you will be amazed at what this does to them.

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