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'how to STOP bullies'  

‘If someone treats you badly,

just remember that there is something

wrong with them not you’. 



High Vibrational Thinki

Inner Resistance

Why bullies are nasty

How to stop them bothering you

If you are getting bullied

If you are a bully


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This book about bullying is short and simple because it’s not that complicated once you understand what’s actually happening and I believe it can help clear up the often held misconception that bullies are some sort of powerful being that command fear and respect. This outdated viewpoint is in fact far from the real truth as you will soon find out. 

The key is having a simple understanding of how the human mind works and applying that knowledge to bullying. Add to this a couple of methods, one that you can use to change the way that you automatically think and feel and the other that you can use to deal with the attentions of a bully and it all becomes clear and manageable.

First we will look at ‘High Vibrational Thinking’; this concept will make it easier for you to understand exactly what is going on in your own mind. Absorption of the principles of HVT will automatically create a shift in your perspective and this is the first step in empowering you to be able to alter your thinking. 

Then we will look at your ‘inner resistance’ and why it is the major barrier to your happiness that you have to contend with every day of your life.

This is followed by applying this knowledge to bullying which will shed a new powerful light on how it works giving you in the process an empowered perspective showing you why bullies are in fact weak not strong people.  

Finally this is followed by ‘The Notebook Method’, which is a simple technique to enable you to begin altering your thinking process and release your ‘inner resistance’, which will stop you getting bullied or if you are a bully will stop you being a bully.

Once you have read this book and started following ‘The Notebook Method’ you will immediately start to see results and every aspect of you life will begin to improve.

HVT (High Vibrational Thinking)

HVT (High Vibrational Thinking) is a new and simple way to look at our world, first you need to understand that we live in a world of energy.

Everything that you can see is not really solid at all, it is made up from atoms, which are tiny particles that consist of a nucleus in the centre with electrons and protons whizzing around the nucleus.

These atoms are buzzing and vibrating.

Everything is made from atoms including us, concrete walls, houses, animals, cars, trees, plants, food, clothes you name it and if you looked at it closely enough (under a powerful microscope) you will find it is made from atoms. So we are not as solid as we think and neither is everything else that we observe in our world. It is actually made from energy and like all forms of energy everything is constantly vibrating.

Science tells us that in our world the fastest vibrating energy that we know is LOVE and the slowest vibrating energy that we know is FEAR. 

When we feel good our energy field vibrates at a fast rate, when we feel bad our energy field vibrates at a slow rate. So the closer that our energy field vibrates to the vibration of LOVE the happier we feel and the faster we are vibrating. The closer our energy field vibrates to the energy of FEAR the unhappier we feel and the slower we are vibrating.

This is why we say we are ‘buzzing’ or ‘high’ when we feel good and also why we say we are ‘down in the dumps’ or ‘flat as a pancake’ when we feel bad, we are simply talking about our energy vibration.

Thoughts, feelings and emotions that make us feel good like laughing, honesty, joy, peace, and success are high vibrational, they lift up our vibration, so that’s why we feel happy when our mind is filled with these things.

Thoughts, feelings and emotions that make us feel unhappy like anger, jealousy, hate, fear and greed are low vibrational, they drag down our vibration, so that’s why we feel unhappy when our mind is filled with these things.

So that’s easy enough to understand the higher our energy field is vibrating the better we feel and the easier our life will be because all the low vibrational negative stuff exists in the lower vibrations.

Of course everyday is a roller coaster ride up and down the energy spectrum, as we go about our daily life experiencing many positive and negative events and situations. The trick is to be less emotionally entangled in the low vibrational stuff and it will drag you down less, it will have a less damaging affect if you don’t buy into it.

Inner Resistance

Your ‘inner resistance’ is the negative energy that you carry within.

Everybody has this and it is created mainly in the first five or six years of our lives. During this very sensitive and formative time period we are operating similar to a computer when it is downloading data. Everything that we experience and are taught we readily absorb and download and this information is not always of a positive nature.

The main source of our early years information downloading is our parents, close family and immediate environment. Our early experiences are accepted without question, as we soak up whatever is going on around us and accept that this is how the world works. We believe what we see and hear and from this exposure to data we begin forming our opinions and beliefs, opinions and beliefs that will affect the rest of our lives.

The down side is that we are often exposed to negative energy, which plays out in the dramas that we witness taking place. Anger, hate, fear, frustration, worry, stress, violence, greed, anxiety, selfishness, envy, suffering and pain of all kinds are the energies that we see and can pick up through the everyday experiences that we are exposed to.

As well as experiencing this type of energy in our everyday environment we are also subject to TV programmes, computer games, the media and DVD’s churning out negative energy by the boatload in the name of entertainment.

All of the negative energies that we experience contribute to forming what I call our ‘inner resistance’, an accumulation of negative energy that becomes lodged within our energy field.

At the age of around six-years old we more or less stop the intense downloading and whatever we have downloaded up until that point, we generally carry for the rest of our lives. At this point it has become well and truly entrenched within our mind. This ‘inner resistance’ is like a ball of slow vibrating negative energy that infects and drags down our general vibration. Pulling us down to a more negative frequency range, than we would naturally exist at. A frequency range that ultimately we become used to and accept as where we belong.

A person that has experienced a very positive energy upbringing, which would be loving caring parents, few family arguments, very little exposure to negative energy from the TV, DVD’s, the media and computer games would only have a moderate amount of ‘inner resistance’ or negative energy lodged within their energy field.

A person subject to lots of negative energy such as heated family arguments, money problems, maybe a messy divorce, family feelings of frustration, bullying, stress, worry, greed, hatred, negative gossiping and fear could end up with a lot of negative energy lodged within their energy field creating a powerful force of ‘inner resistance’.

This ‘inner resistance’ exerts a massive influence over us and can in some cases manifest in dysfunctional behaviour, depression or even psychological and physical illness. If we have a very strong dose of ‘inner resistance’ most of our days can be spent under its influence feeling down, worried about whatever and in general not so good about life. It can take over our mind flooding us with a constant barrage of negative thoughts and feelings.

Fortunately most people don’t have that strong a presence of ‘inner resistance’ that it takes over your life completely but you will have enough of it to ensure that you will be under its influence at sometime everyday of your life. It won’t normally completely dominate your thoughts and feelings but it will frequently show its presence. Even when you are not aware of it you may be feeling slightly tense just under the surface, this is your ‘inner resistance’ that you are sensing. Its brooding presence is never far away from your conscious awareness.

It also springs to life many times during your day when you react to whatever is happening in a negative way. Maybe you lose your keys and get frustrated and angry because you can’t find them. Your negative response (the instinctive flood of thoughts and feelings) is your ‘inner resistance’ coming to life and the negative feelings you experience surging through your mind and body will top up its battery.

This is how it stays strong within you, by topping up its battery everyday through the negative thoughts, feelings and emotions that it ignites within you. You get angry you recharge its battery, you worry, feel stressed, feel jealous, feel upset, feel depressed, feel irritated, feel envious, feel guilty, feel annoyed or feel disillusioned, you are topping up its battery. You are allowing it to live through you and gain strength.

This goes on every day without you realising it and what you are doing is keeping your ‘inner resistance’ strong and powerful within you. Picture it as a ball of negative energy that lives within you that needs charging up every day, just like your mobile phone. The trick is stop reacting and you stop recharging it, then it will slowly disappear.

And because it is heavy slow vibrating energy it is holding your vibration down making your life more difficult in the process. It acts like a heavy weight and pulls down your overall energy vibration.

So the more powerful your ‘inner resistance’ is, the heavier it is and the more it will drag you down. The further down you are the more problems you will have in your life because as we learned through high vibrational thinking the further down in vibration that you go the more negative energy you will be subject to and this is when some people fall into negative behaviour patterns such as bullying.

Developing ‘inner resistance’ is nobody’s fault and it’s something that we all do. Everybody experiences many different levels of negative energy as we grow up. And because we are all different we all respond to it in different ways. One person may develop a powerful and strong ‘inner resistance’ and another person may hardly be bothered by the same amount of early year’s exposure to negative energy. It depends on many things personality, temperament, sensitivity, character etc.

In the world as it is today the experience of negative energy is very much a part of life and impossible to avoid. This makes ‘inner resistance’ part of everybody’s life and an influential factor in everything that we do. It has an affect on our relationships, health, financial position, work, the level of success we can achieve and even how happy our life will be.

It reaches into every area of our lives and has a damaging affect, to change things for the better you must weaken and get rid of the ‘inner resistance’ you hold within. This will allow your vibration to rise into the higher vibrations where less negative energy exists and this is the key to understanding why some people bully and how to stop it happening to you.

Why bullies are nasty

From an energy point of view it’s easy to understand why a bully behaves in a hurtful way to other people, it’s because their energy field is often vibrating at a slow rate due to having a lot of inner resistance.

This puts them most of the time in the lower negative vibrations where it really doesn’t feel very nice, they often feel afraid, unhappy, miserable, uneasy, worthless, not as good as other people and even depressed. It could be because they are having or have had a difficult unhappy childhood or are facing other problems in their life. Or maybe they live where lots of people around them are bullies and they have been bullied a lot.

Whatever the reason they have a desperate need to find some relief from the uncomfortable negative thoughts and feelings that plague their mind and this drives some to fall into a behaviour pattern that is unfortunately focused on dragging down someone else’s energy vibration. They call someone a nasty name; the person attacked feels hurt and upset so they experience a drop in their vibration and this makes them feel unhappy. The bully feels powerful and strong for a brief moment and this gives them a temporary boost up in vibration and this makes them feel happy.

A bully is basically stealing your happiness without any concern for how it makes you feel.  

The attack on somebody causes the bully to momentarily engage misguided thoughts and feelings of superiority, strength and power and this is what gives them a quick boost up the vibrations and makes them feel better. They may even engage in laughter and glee which helps boost them up even further as they inflict the suffering, which confirms again that they don’t understand how much this hurts the victim. Bullies can only think of themselves and what they want, they have little understanding of how their victim feels.

After a short while the quick boost wears off and their constant habitual negative thoughts and feelings return (their inner resistance takes over again). This drags their vibration back down to its ‘normal’ lower level and then it’s back to feeling not so good. This is when the automatic dysfunctional behaviour cycle kicks in again and they are on alert ready to react when the next opportunity to bully somebody presents itself.   

From a HVT point of view they are playing a never ending game of snakes and ladders, up one minute and down the next.

It’s really simple, help the bully get rid of their inner resistance, which is behind all of their negative thoughts and feelings and their vibration will rise naturally. The rise will be permanent and they will no longer automatically behave in this negative way, they will stop bullying because they will not need to do this to feel better.

They will no longer need to keep boosting their vibration up. If they don’t do something to release their inner resistance they will be stuck in this relentless loop of misery.

It’s not relevant what form the bullying takes or the reason they use to attack the person because boosting up their vibration is the only objective. Calling someone names, sending a nasty text message, physical violence, homophobic bullying, racist bullying, cyber bullying or whatever is all about achieving the same result, giving the bully a temporary boost in vibration. They have found this makes them feel better and become locked into this dysfunctional cycle of behaviour.

They may single out the victim because they have something they don’t (lots of money, happy family life, doing well at school, new job etc) or are different to them in some way (different hair colour, skin colour, big ears, overweight etc) but this is just so they can use that as an excuse to poke fun or be nasty, which will get them what they really want. The bully doesn’t necessarily hate or dislike the person or people that they attack they are just using them. The only person they really don’t like is themselves and the motivation is always the same, to make themselves feel better.

If they can cajole or encourage others to join in and also laugh and poke fun at the victim they feel even better, this gives them a bigger boost up because in a twisted way this makes them feel supported, admired, approved and justified in what they are doing.

This daily routine of making other people unhappy to get a brief moment of happiness is how it works because any relief they can get from their negative thoughts and feelings feels better to them.

They are locked into a repetitive behaviour cycle. Most bullies have no idea they are bullies they are simply so unhappy most of the time because of the constant strong presence of their inner resistance that they crave relief and this has driven them to act in a bullying way.

In the bully’s case this behaviour pattern was probably locked into place because they may well have suffered getting bullied themselves or observed bullying or it could be that they have just subconsciously fallen into this method to make themselves feel better but it’s the same old answer, it doesn’t matter how they got like this, get rid of their inner resistance and they will stop bullying, they will be cured.

Bullying is a negative behavioural manifestation caused by their inner resistance holding them down in vibration; it is happening because they desperately want relief from their never ending negative state of mind. Bullying will be more prevalent in environments or neighbourhoods that are in general more negative. So you will see more bullying taking place in the inner cities than out in the countryside because the inner cities are in general lower in vibration.

Bullies need to be pitied rather than feared because they are manipulated, weak and unhappy, not strong and powerful.

They are not strong enough to ignore and control their inner resistance and this causes them to seek relief by hurting others. Many other people feel the same when plagued by their inner resistance but are strong enough and caring enough to put up with it without feeling the need to hurt other people so they can feel better. Bullies are not strong enough to do this and they are too emotionally immature to care or understand how their horrible, unfeeling words and actions cause terrible pain to others.

Bullying is a weakness, carried out by a weak troubled person.  

They are being overpowered and used by their inner resistance, which causes them to behave in this negative way and they more than likely have no idea what’s going on. The majority of the time they are sad, unhappy people too mentally weak to resist the urge to lash out at another to ease their pain.

Don’t react to a bully’s taunts and they will feel less of a boost in vibration, so the bully will soon leave you alone. The more you react the bigger the boost up for them, so the more likely they will feel drawn to bully you again. This is why some people get bullied all of the time because the bullies see that they always react, they openly show that they feel hurt, upset, annoyed etc and this makes them more of a target.

When you react and ‘feel’ really hurt over a period of time there is a danger that you could slip into a victim mentality and this means you end up almost expecting to get bullied, you really fear it and this can put you in a nervous, scared, lonely, apprehensive mindset that shows in all of your actions.

You can end up feeling isolated and vulnerable, which could generate even more negative thinking and feeling and at worst over time lead to depression, anxiety, self-harming, drug problems etc. This spiral downwards into the lower vibrations also means you are more than likely going to stand out to bullies and attract them. This can even make you a target for others who may not normally bully but are encouraged by the bully and you could then suffer collective bullying.

However don’t feel bad if you get bullied, remember the bully is the one that there is something wrong with not you. And nearly everyone has suffered from bullying at sometime in their lives.

Bullying is an automatic response pattern, a symptom of having a strong and powerful inner resistance. When other people join in and support the bully they are showing their fear, fear that they might too get bullied. They think if I do it as well the bully will leave me alone but what they are really showing is their weakness and lack of strength.

A strong person would never bully someone else.

Magic Mirror

A bullies words and actions can only hurt you if you ‘feel’ hurt. This is what they are trying to do, make you ‘feel’ hurt. If you think to yourself ‘I know the bully is the weak person with the problem and I will not let them make me ‘feel’ hurt’, then they can’t hurt you. It’s the ‘feeling’ hurt that they need you to experience for them to get the boost in vibration. They want to give you their bad feelings so don’t play their game.

If you refuse to ‘feel’ hurt they get nothing from you and they will soon stop attacking you because it won’t be working for them. It only works for them if you allow the feelings of hurt to surge through you. In fact if you can master not reacting this will make them feel worse and they will after a few attempts steer well clear of you. You know they are the one with the real problems so let them keep it and train yourself not to react. Show your inner strength by ignoring their attempts to goad you.

When you really ‘feel hurt’ it feels as if they are sucking the energy out of you and inhaling it into them. They are drawing the life force out of you and this leaves you feeling terrible and down. You must stop them doing this and you do it by training yourself not to ‘feelhurt’. This will really turn the tables and hurt them this is how you pay bullies back by not reacting.

A good way to teach yourself not to ‘feel hurt’ and ignore bullies is the ‘magic mirror’ exercise and it’s very easy to do.

Just imagine a big mirror between you and the bully and when the bully says nasty things to you, texts you or makes negative comments on facebook about you imagine the nasty words bouncing off the mirror and shooting back at the bully. Really picture this and you will see the bully’s face horrified when their negative energy comes back at them.

The mirror can protect you from them no matter how they are trying to attack you whether you know them or not and remember the more you stay calm and don’t react the worse it is for them. If you do get attacked take deep breaths and allow this to calm you down then use the magic mirror to fire the negativity back to them. Don’t give them the satisfaction of replying verbally or on text etc because this just means you have engaged the negativity. Just hold your inner peace, smile and let the mirror bounce the negativity back to them. This works very well just practice it and see you will be amazed at their reaction.

How to stop bullies bothering you

Training yourself to consistently think in a more high vibrational way about yourself, other people and the world around you is how you break down and release your ‘inner resistance’. And releasing your inner resistance is how you can once and for all stop bullies from bothering you.

You must become non-resistant to whatever negative energy is circulating in your reality. Allow the daily negative events and niggles to unfold while holding your inner peace. Then you will not be recharging your inner resistance and it will in time fizzle away, this will allow you to rise in vibration and everything in your life will dramatically improve including getting bullied.  

Training yourself not to react to the attentions of a bully using the magic mirror is a great way to do this and I will also show you another excellent and simple method to deal with all the other negative stuff that happens everyday in our lives and it’s called the notebook method.

‘The Notebook Method’

Get yourself a small notebook and write down every time that you notice yourself feeling negative (angry, frustrated, worried, tense, scared, depressed, anxious, jealous, envious, hateful, hurt, upset, irritated, annoyed, depressed, unhappy etc). Have your notebook with you at all times and keep an eye on how you feel, so that you can notice when you feel negative.

It maybe a nasty comment from a bully, stressed out from losing your car keys, a tinge of jealousy over a friends good fortune, an argument with someone, feeling down because of money problems, listening to somebody’s problems, or even just your own thoughts of doom and gloom ticking over making you feel not so good. Whatever it is write it down. 

Entries may look something like this:

So and so said something nasty about me, I feel down.

Had a fight with my friend, I am upset.

I have no money, I feel stressed.

Somebody stole something from me, I am angry.

Lost my keys, I am frustrated.

So and so has been moaning on about their problems, I feel depressed

I could go on all day as you can see there are endless little niggles that pop up all of the time and most of the time we allow ourselves to feel some form of negativity, we just do it automatically. This is what you must stop. It’s this daily engaging in negative energy that is keeping the negative energy within you strong. You are topping up its battery all of the time, you are constantly recharging your ‘inner resistance’.

Stop reacting and your ‘inner resistance’ will start losing its power and eventually fizzle away. It’s the strong emotional reactions like ‘outbursts of anger’ and ‘intense worrying’ that give it a powerful super charge. And your endless repetitive negative thoughts and feelings about whatever that give it a constant trickle charge of negativity.  

If you didn’t allow yourself to feel bad when the daily niggles are happening your ‘inner resistance’ would weaken and your energy vibration would rise. By noticing your thoughts, feelings and emotions you are detaching from that energy and stopping the charge it in its tracks and this will begin to weaken the negative energy within you.

It’s like every time you notice your mobile phone is plugged in and getting charged up, you pull out the plug. This would mean your mobile phone battery is not getting a full charge and would eventually run down. By writing when you feel negative in your notebook you are in effect pulling out the plug and stopping your inner resistance getting a charge.

Keep doing this and over time you will start feeling better and better as you slowly rise in vibration. You are releasing your ‘inner resistance’ and cleansing your energy field and all you have to do is teach yourself to monitor your thinking.

This is the art of being non-resistant to whatever unfolds in your life and you will have to keep practising to master it because up until now you have reacted automatically to whatever is unfolding and these negative reactions have become ingrained into your instinctive behaviour patterns. Training yourself to be in a state of non-resistance at all times is the key to breaking those instinctive patterns and the notebook method will help you do that and this is what will soon make any bullies disappear out of your life.

Just focus on holding your inner peace and serenity and let things happen and if you feel a twinge of negative energy grasping you write it down this will break its momentum and stop your inner resistance getting a full charge. Keep this practice up and you will soon be rising in vibration. 

This means everything in your life will improve, you see the higher your vibration the better everything is. You will in general be vibrating at the vibrational levels where the better stuff is. Happiness, fun, joy, laughter, kindness, success and love don’t exist at the lower-vibrational levels, you can only feel or experience them when your vibration rises. So you will be happier more of the time, you will exist where the good stuff is more of the time and you will lift yourself up the vibrations out of the range of bullies.

Bullies will be much less likely to bully you they will just feel like you are not the person that will give them the reaction that they want and leave you alone they will not feel drawn to you.

If you are getting bullied

Hopefully after reading this book you will have more understanding of what makes one person bully another. You can then practice using the magic mirror method and calm breathing when you need it and also use the notebook method to start getting rid of your inner resistance and get your vibration up.

This will soon have you feeling much happier and you will get less attention from bullies. It is always good to talk to somebody if you are getting bullied as this stops you bottling it up which only adds to your inner resistance. Bottling it up can make you even more of a target for bullies as your vibration may drop due to the extra negative thoughts and feelings and when your vibration has dropped you may feel more unhappy and nervous about getting bullied.

So just follow the techniques and bullying will soon be a thing of the past remember if you don’t react the bully gets nothing from you.

In fact they get their own nasty negative energy shooting back at them and they get the horrible feelings that they were trying to give you.

If you are a bully

If after reading this book you recognise that you are a bully you can follow the notebook method to help get rid of your inner resistance and this will get your vibration up and this will stop you bullying people.

In many ways you are also a victim because you are under siege from your inner resistance which you have acquired through no fault of your own. Your particular life circumstances have unfortunately left you with the burden of a strong form of inner resistance and it’s this inner negativity that is causing all the suffering and driving you to act in a bullying way.

It’s not your fault that you have fallen into this negative behaviour pattern but it is up to you to do something about it, especially now that you understand how terrible it is for the people that you are hurting.

Remember you will feel much happier if you can leave bullying behind and your life will improve in every way. Bullying is keeping you stuck in an unhappy place.


  1. Everything is energy including us and all energy vibrates.
  2. The faster our energy vibrates the better we feel and the better life is.
  3. Our ‘inner resistance’ is the negative energy that we carry within and it is slow vibrating energy.
  4. Our early year’s experiences are the major factor in determining the amount of ‘inner resistance’ that we carry.
  5. Inner resistance is what causes some people to become bullies.
  6. Inner resistance can also cause you to attract bullies because it holds you down in vibration. The higher your vibration is the less chance there is of a bully trying to bully you.
  7. To raise your vibration and dramatically change your life for the better leaving bullies behind once and for all or to stop yourself from being a bully you have to release your ‘inner resistance’, to do this you must train yourself to embody a state of non-resistance when everyday negative events unfold.
  8. The notebook method and the magic mirror will help you to train yourself to hold a state of non-resistance and stop you recharging your ‘inner resistance’.
  9. Always remember bullies are the people with the problem not you.


ADT Healthcare offers a free hotline dedicated to assisting women and families suffering from drug, alcohol and mental health problems. ADT Healthcare was founded in 2011 by people who overcame drug and alcohol addiction themselves.

ChildLine:                            0800 1111

National Bullying Helpline:             0845 22 55 787        

Kidscape  Parent’s           

Workplace Bullying

ACAS - Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service

Helpline: 0300 123 1100

Bullying and harassment at work- Guidance for employees:

Everyone should be treated with dignity and respect at work. Bullying and harassment of any kind are in no-one's interest and should not be tolerated in the workplace, but if you are being bullied or harassed it can be difficult to know what to do about it. This leaflet gives employees basic information about bullying and harassment, summarises the responsibilities of employers and outlines some of the options open to you and points you to sources of further information and advice.

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